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Been there, done that...

The "Where I've Been and What I've Done" page.

June, 1990 - Senior year picture... Go ahead, you can say it! Also, my first pic in boot camp.

After high school, I went to Great Lakes, IL, to begin my naval service. Boot camp (3 months) and my first school (9 months) allowed me to experience all four seasons... too much snow for this Florida boy! And no, that is not me - just a generic photo.

I got to shoot 8 missiles (just practicing tho)...

...on this: USS Vicksburg. See for more on this majestic lady. I was with her while she was being built and made 2 six-month deployments with her. Quite an experience watching a ship come to life.

Doing the ditch - the Suez Canal - enroute to the Persian Gulf.

Gassing up the Navy way...

Shopping in the gold souq in Dubai, UAE, and relaxing on the Cote d'Azur in Nice, France.

Got to see Milan, Trieste, and (above) Venice, Italy.

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Last updated October 12, 2000.