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Been there, done that... pg. 2

I went to Troy - yes, that Troy!

Also went to World War I battlefield of Gallipoli. Quite a sobering time of reflection when you are standing where more than 502,000 people died.

While in Italy, I went to Venice and Milan (top, l-r). The church and the street art are from Venice.

Couldn't resist this pic - I was on the train going to Milan.

On liberty in the Bahamas... on the way to a snorkling trip. That's my best friend, Brian, on the right. Swam with a 5 foot long barracuda. As you can imagine, we kept a sharp eye out for it!

Got to ride a camel... not what I expected. As in, not as bad. Kinda like a rocking chair.

Nice sunsets are common when you are in the middle of the ocean...

...rolling around and bobbing like a cork. This was actually a calm day - cruisers (CG 47 class) are very top-heavy, so it doesn't take much to get them to roll. This was actually only about 15 deg. either way. Riding out a hurricane is not fun, believe you me!


Last updated November 27, 2000.